12 Easy Ways to Look Better In A Dress Shirt | Men's Style Tips 1 year ago

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Dress shirts play a huge role in men's fashion, but how can you get the most out of them? I came up with 12 things I look out for when I style a button-up shirt, from how to roll your sleeves to fit, pattern and smaller details. See the table of contents below! Hope you enjoy!

@00:30 How Should It Fit
@01:45 Overall Style
@02:04 Collar Style
@03:11 Pattern of the Shirt
@03:42 Tucked-in: Yes or No?
@04:07 Military Tuck
@04:40 Cuff Buttons
@05:27 How to Roll Up Your Sleeves
@07:10 Undershirt: Yes or No?
@07:20 How Far Should You Button Up?
@07:59 Chest Pockets
@08:19 Tie: Yes or No?

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