How To Be Sexy | 6 Ways To Improve Your Sexiness 4 years ago

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of, teaches you 6 ways to be sexier. This video is a sexiness tutorial that will help you be views as more sexy. This video will offer tips and advice on how to be sexy. Remember that sexiness is something you can develop and enhance.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that attractive and sexy are two different things. He explains how one is different than the other. Further, hot is often equated with sexy, but that can quickly change if they have the IQ of a turnip.

Sexiness is the desire of someone to want to sleep with you; whereas, attractiveness involves physical characteristics which are tough to change. However, you can work on becoming sexier. Sexiness can be developed.

In regard to women, they appreciate attractiveness but are a lot less visually stimulated than men. Women find men sexy but can't but their finger on what exactly what 'that' is. Here's a list to get that 'that'!

Six Ways to Improve Sexiness

1. Integrity - quality of being honest and having good moral principle.

2. Intelligence - you need to educate yourself and improve yourself. Stimulate your mind and move forward as a person

3. Eye contact

4. Kindness without expectations - help others and expect nothing in return

5. Sense of humor - it has to be done in a non-cruel way! Don't poke fun at people.

6. Confidence - if you feel good about yourself, everything in your life is better including your sex appeal.