Alpha M Project Anthony | A Men's Makeover Series S3E3 | AMAZING Transformation! 3 years ago

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Alpha is on his way to pick up 44 year old Anthony who is a divorced father of 2 daughters. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is so excited about hanging out with this Italian from Jersey-- you know, Alpha's an Italian from Philly!

Anthony's Story

Alpha welcomes Anthony to Atlanta and takes him to the studio to talk. Anthony has a great chemistry with his daughters. He got divorced in 2011 which was a low point in his life. In the middle of it, he donated bone marrow but the man subsequently died. Anthony used to be real heavy, and then he lost weight during this time. His kids, friends, and family were great during this time, so he sucked it up and moved on. Alpha notes that Anthony's has an amazing physique under his outfit bagginess. Anthony works a ton and his clothes have gone to the way-side. Alpha wants to get people to stand up and notice when Anthony walks into the room.

Wardrobe Analysis

Alpha goes through is wardrobe. Anthony's pants are too baggy, short, and pleated. The shirt is big. He has all of the wrong ingredients for a sexy look. The next look is the complete opposite: super long pleated pants but not as baggy as the last pants. The jeans outfit shows his guns but too big and long at points. The jeans are baggy, and the sneakers are out of place.

The Makeover Begins

They go to Stephen at Dyar & Posta Salon. Alpha discusses the plan for his new hair grooming which Stephen adds to. They decide not to color his hair as the salt & pepper looks incredible, seamless, and sexy. Alpha styles his hair with Pete & Pedro Clay. The new style looks incredible.

They go to Nordstrom for some great men's shoes. You need multiple shoes. Then, they go to Suit Supply for slim fit shirts that look tailored. Next, the mall is where they grab everything else they need.

The Sassy and Sexy New Wardrobe

He has 'the body',and his old wardrobe didn't showcase it. Direct your attention to Anthony's new sassy and sexy wardrobe! The first outfit is double monks, jeans, coordinated belt, and fitted shirt. The second outfit is an amazing business casual look with loafers, slack, v-neck sweater, and pink button-up shirt. Next, the suit is dynamite! It looks incredible that is slim fit and a soft shoulder. The third outfit is a polo shirt look with monks, dark wash fitted jeans, gray belt, and polo with contrasting placket and collar. The last outfit starts with black loafers, black distressed jeans, cool belt, and a fitted light-weight v-neck sweater.

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Anthony thanks his girls for helping make the audition video. He also thanks Alpha for making him look amazing! He said he did a great job. He said the experience was awesome. Alpha said that with Anthony's has it all together with work successes and working out. He adds that his new wardrobe will help him have some success with the ladies now.