Up and Coming Streetwear and Menswear Trends of 2019 7 months ago

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Up and Coming, the Latest Streetwear and Menswear Trends of 2019

Hey Guys!
Back with another video, this one I filmed a while back but due to personal complications it's taken a bit longer to get out but here it is.

In todays video I discuss the streetwear and menswear trends that vogue has predicted will trend in 2019 and I let you know if I agree with them or not. I also add 4 of my own unique streetwear trend predictions for 2019 at the end, there are obviously all kinds of trends being predicted so early in the year so I decided to choose some which you may have not of thought of before.

Let me know what streetwear and menswear trends you guys think will be big in 2019 and also what streetwear trends should be left in 2018?

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