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Hey guys,
Welcome back for this awesome Men's Lace Outfit video! at first I thought it was a Romper but I was wickedly mistaken. After visiting the Hologramcity website I kinda fell in love with this purple lace outfits that I just could not resist from buying.

It was a little on the expensive side, but when you love exploring all the different ways you could ever look, how could I not.

I was actually pretty surprised by a number of compliments and "OMG's" I got on Snapchat for this outfit that I just had to do a video about it!

I first saw this on Tumblr and thought HOLY FUCKING OLY I need this and kinda just let it drift to the back of my mind. THEN my good friend Oli, randomly sent me a direct link to the Hologram city website out of the blue and I looked at them moment as pure fate and just fucking bought it anyway. Where would I actually wear this??? fuck knows... maybe some crazy Youtube event where I need to make a statement about what I do, but seriously I don't even care.

When I got it in the male, (haha see what I did there) I obviously tried it on first thing and was mesmerized by this stunningly bold outfit.

After doing a little review the good points were:
1. It's sexy as fuck
2. It's totally bold and 100% my style
3. It's unique and not every fucker on the internet is wearing one.

The fit was good and I don't have any real complaints other than:
1. The website I bought it from doesn't take credit cards.
2. The tags were a little annoying and bit and itchy.

Other than that I give this a 9 out of 10. The coolest thing is this outfit comes in 5 DIFFERENT COLOURS!

The colours I saw on the website were pink, blue, green, purple & yellow. All extremely vibrant and glorious!

Another little side note I had on this incredible fashionable men's fashion statement was, lace is actually SUPER in fashion at the moment.

Places like ASOS are actually stocking T-shirts in a similar print and selling them as ready to wear pieces. This means the trend is actually selling and people actually want to wear it which blew me away a little bit because it's so out there and unusual.

Either way, I'm stoked that this is a thing and just wanted to say thank god Hologramcity exists ahah.

I hope you guys love this video and would love to know your thoughts on it and the variations that I came up with for it.

I hope your day is super duper and extra wonderful and I can't wait to chat to you in my next video.

See you then!

Love Thomas

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