MEN'S STYLE MISTAKES | 6 Ways You're Killing Your Style | Alex Costa 2 years ago

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Men's Style Mistakes | This is what is KILLING your style!
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Topic of discussion: Have you been making any of these style mistakes? Which one?

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Sometimes we make style mistakes without even realizing it. For example - have you noticed how you start dressing the same as your friends after a while? That shouldn't really happen, and you should always strive to have your own personal style! In today's video I go over the 6 ways you're probably killing your style, with some of the biggest style mistakes men make without realizing it. These are actually really common style mistakes men make. See some of the list below and watch the whole video to get the full picture!

- Bad Grooming
- The Backwards Hat signature look
- Super Deep V-Necks
- Baggy clothes (especially jeans)

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