Taper Your Dress Pants At Home! 5 months ago

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In this video I'm going to show you how you can taper your pants, and yes I mean any pants. You can give a nice streamlined taper to your dress pants, your chinos, and even your jeans. The only difference that you will run into is the type of needle and thread that you will use.

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The first step that you want to do is get your supplies ready. We only need 3. We need some sewing pins, a flexible fabric tape, and a sewing machine. I saw a video of someone using a construction measuring tape, don't use that, it's not made for measuring clothes. You also want to make sure that you place your pins and taper on the inside of your pants. You can sew the outside, but you will run into a problem with sewing over the pocket and leaving a dimple on the outside.

In order to have a solid taper I used three pins in the side, and made sure to gradually ease my taper down my leg. If you start it off too aggressively then you will not like the results, trust me. Go ahead a sew a new straight stitch on there, and put a zigzag stitch over the edge so that it doesn't fray in the washing machine. Some people don't like that so what you can do instead is use pinking shears, which will cut a zigzag on the edge instead. Boom done!


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