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Great Collection of tips for all occasions!

How to care for shoes? How to save new repair from various damages? How to get rid of bruise? How to wash socks? How to move a heavy cabinet? Where to put different stuff? I will help you to solve all these questions once and for all.

Surely there were uncomfortable situations with you. For example, you came to the girl's house, took off your shoes, and there - a leaky sock! Or worse - a terrible smell! But do not worry. It happened to everyone. Now I will teach you how to prevent such situations.

Shoes smell bad? Sprinkle it inside with vodka and dry it. There is another way: wipe the shoes inside with hydrogen peroxide. And to quickly dry shoes, use cat litter. Baby powder will help to avoid scratching new sneakers. An ordinary wax candle can make your sneakers waterproof. Just rub her shoes with it and blow dry. Great fresheners for shoes are soda, lemon and tea bag. These methods are natural and effective. To clean the white sole of sneakers, you can use toothpaste. Shoes will be as good as new!

I will teach you how to make moving shelves for shoes or any small things. Take your tools, wood slats, hardware and wood glue. See also how to move heavy furniture.

Did you ever have to go to work with a black eye? To make the bruise disappear faster, make such a compress. Chop the parsley and mix with ice pieces. Wrap in a napkin and apply to the eye. The effect is very noticeable.

Did you ever break the screen of the new phone? Then you know what pain is. To prevent the phone from falling, you can use the chain attached to the belt of the jeans.

How to prevent the loss of socks when washing? Surely this happened to you. You put a pair of socks on the washer, and after washing you took out one. Miracles! Make an organizer for washing socks and this situation will never happen again.

Are you uncomfortable holding a hot bowl of soup? Sew a felt case for it. It’s very simple. How to protect the remote from the TV from dirt? Use cling film, or plastic wrap. How to improve an ordinary hammer? Use glue. To prevent the wall from being damaged by the doorknob, make a stopper. You need a tube of paint and glue.


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3:31 Move heavy furniture
7:23 Door stopper
8:37 Shoe fresheners

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