Take care of your skin TODAY: Here’s Why | Skincare and Grooming Tips 3 months ago

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- Skincare should be taken seriously today. Here's why!
This video was sponsored by Gillette. #GillettePartner
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Most guys, (including myself for the longest time) think that razor bumps, ingrown hairs and redness are an unavoidable and part of the shaving process. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to struggle more and more with razor bumps and redness in my neck and chin areas. In an effort to combat these issues, I’m going to test out the new @Gillette SkinGuard razor over the next 7 days. The SkinGuard technology built into this razor trims your facial hair at SURFACE level instead of cutting the hair follicles BELOW skin level which is what creates all those irritations mentioned. I’m excited to test the SkinGuard razor over the next week and report back with a second video on whether or not it really works! 

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