Learn How To Fold A Pocket Square In A Few Stylish Ways by Harry Rosen 6 years ago

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Harry Rosen buyer Shannon Stewart demonstrates four simple yet stylish ways to fold your pocket squares. Pocket squares are a great way to showcase your personality while wearing a suit or sports jacket, with or without a tie.

Square fold: By simply folding your pocket square in half four times, you create a neat, elegant look that is appropriate for all occasions.
Pouf fold: To create this look, pinch the centre of your pocket square, draw the fabric through a loop of your finger and thumb, fold the bottom half up, and place in your pocket.

Pocket Circle fold: A foolproof design, the pocket round is folded in the same way as the pouf, tucked into the pocket with either the seams or the centre showing.

Peaked Fold: Fold your pocket square into a triangle, and fold the left edge over the right, keeping it slightly off-centre. Fold the top down to create a third peak. Tuck the bottom and the left side under and place it in your pocket.

Pocket squares are a great way to add a lot of fun and personality to your outfit. If you use these basics as a starting point, you can really build on it and use your creativity and have a lot of fun accessorizing your outfit.