How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape 4 years ago

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness, confidence and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, teaches you how to select the best glasses and sunglasses frames for your face shape. In this video Alpha M. will show you how to figure out what face shape you have and then how to picked the best glasses for your specific face shape.

Glasses are an amazing to add interest, detail, and dimension to your face. Aaron Marino of alpha m. will help you pick the perfect frames for your face shape. Glasses are a super cool accessory that you can wear on your face. The downside is that they can be crazy expensive.

Alpha's first pair was $700! Now with the Internet, you can cut out the middle man and get a better deal. Alpha has partnered with Glasses USA for 70% off retail prices with free basic prescription. Basic glasses start around $48!

Guidelines When Selecting Frames

What is your face shape? Heart / diamond, round, square, and oval are the type of facial shapes. Alpha presents and discusses the following cheat sheet to help you assess your face shape.

The proportion (size) of the frames that you are wearing need to balance (face and frame) unlike face shape that contrast. Aaron illustrates the rules-of-thumb for frames for specific face shapes with examples as well as demonstrates balancing proportion:

Round faces need frames that are wider than tall to elongate your face

Square faces / jaw need rounder and softer frames to lengthened and soften the natural angularity

Oval shapes need symmetrical and not too structure frames to maintain natural balance

Heart / diamond shaped face can get away with pretty much anything